The beautiful Nordic country of Iceland is a jewel in the North Atlantic Ocean. Being the second largest island in continental Europe, next only to Great Britain, it holds some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. There are few places on this planet that can even be compared to the beauty of Iceland. From crystal clear waters cascading does the falls to the many sandy beaches and ice caves, this island nation is sure to astonish you. Be awestruck by the fascinating natural spectacle of the Aurora Borealis as hues of violets and greens dance away to glory under a starry night!


One trip to Iceland would definitely have you craving for a return. Our exhaustive offering of different plans have been meticulously planned to maximise your time out in the field and to take in the best of what Iceland’s natural beauty has to offer. The various itineraries are only indicative and can be customised as a private tour or if you wish to join a group of like-mined travellers and photographers, talk to us for more information.