Scandinavia in Northern Europe is a wild place. The extreme weather makes survival in the region, tough. Finland, one of the 4 countries that form a part of Scandinavia is indeed called the ‘Land of Thousand Lakes’. It’s very northern geographical position attributes to long summer days and very short daylight hours during winter. In summer, the amazing phenomenon of the mid night sun can be experienced while in winter, another natural spectacle the Aurora Borealis is a common sight in the Northern fringes of the country.


The Eastern side of Finland, the region which borders Russia is rich in its European Brown Bear population. It is also famous European Wolves and the endangered Wolverines. Lapland in the North harbours one of the most scenic landscapes and is entirely different in Summer and Winter. Come, join us in Finland and explore Scandinavia’s Wild Side. Spend the summer nights watching Brown Bears, Wolves and Wolverines and in winter, stay up late into the night to catch the lady Aurora as she dances away to glory.