In southern Africa, is a heaven for adventurers and intrepid travellers. This is the beautiful landlocked country of Zimbabwe. This country having faced challenges in the past and despite all the political turmoil, it has indeed kept intact its most fascinating features: breathtaking landscapes; its warm and friendly population; adventurous activities and some of the world’s best wildlife encounters. Victoria Falls and Mana Pools, are two world heritage sites that offer unparalleled natural beauty and wildlife sightings to cherish during your time in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has a myriad of landscapes ranging from evergreen rainforests in the country’s eastern side, lush green savannah grasslands in the central regions and the west and in the North where the Zambezi river is a lifeline amidst the dry woodlands creating a paradise for wildlife. To explore The Wildside of Zimbabwe, get off the beaten track and indulge in an array of safari activities. Marvel at the rich diversity of game along the shores of the mighty Zambezi as you cruise its undulated waterways on a dugout Canoe. Enjoy great views of wildlife in the lush savannahs of Hwange National Park – a refuge to the largest population of wild elephants in the world, before soaking in the beauty of the Victoria Falls, one of mother nature’s greatest natural spectacles.



A trip to Zambia is a trip back in time. One of Africa’s best-kept wild secrets, as it is affectionately called, a journey to Zambia gives you an opportunity to savour the raw wilderness of Africa. The Wildside of Zambia offers incredible wildlife viewing and the old world safari charm which few destinations can live up to today. A visit to Zambia would be incomplete if you miss the mighty Victoria Falls. The sheer magnitude of this natural spectacle is sure to blow your mind away. No wonder, this beautiful creation of nature is called the “Smoke that Thunders”.

Zambia’s wilderness areas are rich in diversity and diverse in their landscapes. The vast areas of the Mountainous highlands and rift valleys, flood plains and wetlands remain largely untouched by development. Large territories of even popular destinations like South Luangwa National Park are relatively unexplored and extremely pristine. While on safari, be prepared to experience the vast plains dotted with large herds of elephants and buffalo along with lions, leopards, and cheetahs. Zambia is indeed an ideal destination for any keen wildlife photographer or enthusiast looking to experience Africa in a new dimension.