Benefits of a Private Guided Safari with The Wildside

If you are looking for a remarkable private safari experience with individualized photography learning, then a private guided wildlife photography tour with The Wildside is the best option. Led by one of India's finest wildlife photographers and our founder Gaurav Ramnarayanan, these private guided wildlife photography safari tours are custom-tailored to match the needs of every individual. You can choose your preferred destination, your group of friends and family, your convenient dates, and your budget, and leave the rest to us to plan your itinerary as per your preferences.

We customize our private guided tours as per every client’s requirements and design the itineraries to ensure that each individual in the group gets an extraordinary experience. Whether you are a newbie, enthusiast, amateur, or a veteran photographer, our private guided wildlife photography tour will help you get the most out of your photography. Even if you are targeting to photograph a particular endangered species of the Indian subcontinent, we will plan the private tour for you and will make sure that the whole experience matters. Private guided photography tours offered by The Wildside can be planned to any location across the world. Gaurav Ramnarayanan is a Professional Wildlife Photographer, Big Cat tracker, and an avid traveler for about two decades. He is a proud winner of 5 international awards and has traveled across 27 countries on 5 continents photographing the myriad of wildlife, culture, people, heritage, and architecture. Mentoring photography enthusiasts for over the past several years, a private guided photography wildlife tour with him will surely be an experience of a lifetime.
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Peace of mind:

From when you start planning your private guided safari, you will be assisted by one of us through the booking process, coordinating other logistics, and until the end of the trip. So all you have to do is enjoy the tour and not bother about other things.

Meticulous Planning:

Our guided safaris are planned with keeping in mind the guests’ interests. All the tours are centered on our guests to offer them the best-in-class experiences.


We understand the importance of collaborating with local guides and premium lodges to create the perfect travel and safari adventure. From the time you start planning the tour until our guides bid farewell to you at the final point, we take care of all the logistics ensuring a seamless journey for you.


Our Private guided safaris are designed on an all-inclusive basis. Since all services are included (unless mentioned) our guests have nothing to pay for during the tour besides personal expenses and gratuities.

Photographic Instruction:

These tours are guided by the founder of The Wildside, Gaurav Ramnarayanan, an expert wildlife photographer who would offer on-field and off-field photographic assistance. They are sure to help you see common subjects from the most uncommon perspectives. Whether you are a newbie with a camera or a seasoned photographer seeking a private experience, there is no better option than a private guided safari.


While your private guide takes care of various aspects of travel and the tour, take advantage of the opportunity to focus on your photography and enjoy the safari experience. They will be available throughout the tour to assist and cater to all your photographic needs.


Whether you are traveling to a destination for the first time or you are returning for a second safari, your guide will ensure that the experience is enjoyable and nothing short of spectacular.

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