Pench National Park

The first stop on this amazing tour would be at Pench National Park. Located about 90 km away from Nagpur, this is one of India’s well-known Tiger Heavens. Covering an area of 282 sq. km., the park lies in the heart of Central India across two states – Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. It is named after the pristine Pench River that flows through the park.

The park also has its mention in the famous fantasy story of 1894, ‘The Jungle Book’, penned down by the renowned English author Rudyard Kipling. The story was applauded worldwide, and hence, the park’s name echoed all over the world. Tourists, wildlife enthusiasts, and photographers flock to this place to see some of the characters of the book, Akela (the Indian Wolf), Raksha (The female Wolf), Baloo (Sloth Bear), and the vicious Sher Khan (The Royal Bengal Tiger). For such obvious reasons, Pench National Park is one of the most popular wildlife reserves in the country.

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park and Tiger Reserve were one of India’s first 9 tiger reserves to be declared for Project Tiger in 1973. With an area of 940 sq. km. Kanha is nestled in the Maikal range of the Satpuras in Madhya Pradesh. The landscapes and the surrounding meadows along with the wooded strands and the dense maroons of forests offer magnanimous sightseeing and photography experiences for nature lovers. This vivacious land has also been the source of inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book.

Kanha is the last home to the hard land hoof swamp deer or Barasingha. The Barasingha and the Royal Bengal Tiger are both a symbol of pride for the forests of Kanha. Indian Gaur, Wild Dogs, Leopards, Sloth Bears, Jackals, Foxes, and a variety of other mammals call Kanha their home. About 300 species of birds have been recorded in the park.

Bandhavgarh National Park

The world’s first wild White Tiger was sighted in Bandhavgarh, which was captured by the King of Rewa Maharaja Martand Singh. He was named Mohan and was domesticated by the Maharaja. The King was also successful in breeding white tigers and these cats have thrived in captivity since then. Hence, all of the world’s white tigers in captivity share their genes with Bandhavgarh’s tigers and are Mohan’s descendants.

Bandhavgarh derives its name from the legends of Ramayana. It is believed that the fort was built during the Ramayana Age by Lord Rama and given to his brother Lakshmana to keep a watch over Sri Lanka. Bandhav means Brother and Garh means Fort. The fort still stands as a testimony to time for over 2000 years now.

Having one of the highest densities of wild tigers in the country, Bandhavgarh is a heaven for wildlife viewing. With about 60 tigers roaming the forests of Bandhavgarh, the park offers unparalleled experiences, which are next to none.

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  • Best time to Visit

    October - June

  • Recommended Mind duration

    12 days

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    Delhi - Mumbai


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  • Lodge/Resort
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  • Delhi - Mumbai


  • Day 1

    Arrival in Pench

    Guests today arrive at the Nagpur airport and are transferred by road to Pench National Park (2.5 hours). On arrival and after check-in and lunch, it is time for the first safari into the park. Explore different parts of Pench and keep an eye out for the amazing wildlife in the region. Return to the Lodge after sunset. Dinner and overnight at the Lodge.

  • Day 2-3


    At the crack of dawn, the safari begins. Return to the lodge for breakfast. Following lunch, return to the park for another safari. Dinner and overnight in Pench.

  • Day 4

    Transfer to Kanha

    After early breakfast, leave for Kanha, arriving around mid-day. On arrival and after check-in and lunch, it is time for the first safari into the park. The grasslands of Kanha are spectacular and watching a sunset with Indian Gaur and Barasinga is a treat to any photographer. Return to the lodge after sunset. Dinner and overnight.

  • Day 5-6


    At the crack of dawn, the safari begins. Return to the lodge for breakfast. Following lunch, return to the park for another safari. Dinner and overnight in Kanha.

  • Day 7

    Morning safari and departure

    After the last safari into Kanha, return to the lodge for breakfast, check-out, and drive 5 hours across the state of Madhya Pradesh to Bandhavgarh. The evening is at leisure in the Resort.

  • Day 8-11


    Over the next 4 days, venture into different zones of Bandhavgarh with one of the best chances of seeing Tigers in India. There would be 2 safaris a day – one at sunrise concluding just before noon and the second one between 3 pm and 6:30 pm.

  • Day 12

    Final safari and departure

    Following a morning safari and breakfast, check out from the resort and transfer by road to Jabalpur for a connecting flight to Delhi/Mumbai/Bengaluru/Hyderabad/Kolkata.

    Please write to us for options of a charter flight to the destination of your choice from Katni.

    Recommendation: Take a charter flight from Katni to Agra. Visit and marvel at the Taj Mahal.

Additional Info

  • Tour across 3 of India’s sought after Tiger Reserves
  • 3 days in Pench National Park
  • 4 days in Kanha National Park
  • 5 days in Bandhavgarh National Park
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Private guides and vehicles
  • Internal flights


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