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Wildlife of Pantanal Photo Tour




  • Travel through the World’s largest Wetlands
  • Over 650 bird species, including Vibrant Macaws, kingfishers, and the iconic Jabiru Stork
  • The planet’s best chances to photograph Jaguars
  • The Rivers are home to highest concentrations of Caimans and River Otters
  • Beyond the wildlife, experience stunning landscapes next to none


The Pantanal, an expansive tropical wetland ecosystem, is an ecological marvel nestled primarily in Brazil, with smaller portions extending into Bolivia and Paraguay. Encompassing an area larger than many countries, the Pantanal stands out as one of the world’s most exceptional natural wonders. The Pantanal is significantly larger than Maharashtra, one of India’s larger states. Its distinctive character lies in its dynamic landscapes and extraordinary biodiversity.

The Pantanal boasts the title of the world’s largest tropical wetland, a sprawling mosaic of diverse ecosystems. Seasonal flooding shapes its unique terrain, creating a shifting balance between flooded grasslands, lush forests, meandering rivers, and tranquil lagoons. This constant ebb and flow of water give rise to a thriving and adaptable array of flora and fauna.

One of the Pantanal’s crowning glories is its rich wildlife. It’s home to an astonishing variety of species, from the elusive Jaguar. Photographing Jaguars in the Pantanal offers a thrilling and rare opportunity. On this tour in this biodiverse paradise, capture elusive sightings of these majestic big cats as they prowl riverbanks and hunt. Witnessing their raw power and grace amid lush landscapes provides awe-inspiring moments for wildlife photography enthusiasts. The iconic capybara to the prehistoric-looking caiman and over 650 species of birds, Pantanal has a lot to offer beyond Jaguars. The birdlife here is particularly spectacular, making it a magnet for birdwatchers.

Furthermore, the Pantanal is an essential global hotspot for biodiversity and conservation. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining South America’s ecological balance and is vital for numerous species’ survival. However, it faces threats from deforestation, agriculture, and climate change. Despite these challenges, the Pantanal’s ecological significance and natural beauty continue to inspire awe and foster global efforts to preserve this precious wetland gem. Its unique blend of abundant wildlife and ever-changing landscapes make it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and a critical focal point for conservationists worldwide.


  • Day 1 – September 16, 2024:

    Arrival in Campo Grande, visit the Sinkhole, transfer to the hotel

    The Tour commences at the Campo Grande Airport in Mato Grosso de Sul, the gateway to Southern Pantanal. Guests arrive on different flights prior to 10 am. Once the group has assembled, we transfer to Jardim. Our first stop would be at the Buraco das Araras, a sink hole (details). Multiple pairs of Red and Green Macaws live here and it is an treat to the eyes to see these colourful birds flying around.

    Later in the evening, we transfer to Bonito for our night’s stay.

    Hotels: Ohlo d’Agua

    Meals: No meals included

  • Day 2 – September 17, 2024:

    Visit the Sinkhole/Snorkeling and evening in Aguape

    Today, we have two options. For those interested, they can go on a snorkeling tour through a river with multiple springs and colourful fish or we  return to the sinkhole once again. Please nite that the cost for the snorkelling tour is additional (Roughly $120 per person) and needs to be booked in advance. The forests around the Sinkhole is a good place to see Agoutis and many other birds.

    At 11 am, we depart towards our next destination. The Pousada Aguape Lodge is about 3 hours from the sinkhole. We will stop for lunch enroute and arrive in Aguape around 3:00 pm. In the evening we set out on safari looking for Giant Anteaters, Southern Tamandua, 2 species of Armadilos, Marsh deer and Pampas Deer, South American Coati, Crab-eating fox, Collared Peccari and birds.

    Hotels: Pousada Aguape

    Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

  • Day 3 – September 18, 2024:

    Full day in Aguape

    We spend the entire day at Pousada Aguape with 2 monring and evening safaris. In addition to Anteaters, Crab-eating Foxes and the birds, Aguape also has a distribution of Ocelots, Pumas and Jaguars.

    Each of the safaris would extend for roughly 2 hours and we will return to the lodge for meals. As the sun sets, we will have the chance for a third safari to look out for Ocelots, Owls and few other nocturnal species from the region.

    Hotels: Pousada Aguape

    Meals: All meals

  • Day 4 – September 19, 2024:

    Morning safari, checkout and transfer to Campo Grande

    In addition to Anteaters, Crab-eating Foxes and the birds, Aguape also has a distribution of Ocelots, Pumas and Jaguars. On our last morning, we venture out on one more safari for more Anteaters, Armadilos, Crab-eating foxes before bidding good bye to the beautiful ranch and making our way back to Campo Grande. 

    Hotels: Novotel, Campo Grande

    Meals: Breakfast only

  • Day 5 – September 20, 2024:

    Domestic flight to Cuiaba, transfer to Santa Teressa Ranch

    This morning, we depart on the first available flight from Campo Grande to Cuiaba. The flight schedule for next year is still not available and the domestic flight is not included. On Arrival in Cuiaba, we drive towards Pocone and on to the famed Transpantaneria Highway spanning a 147 km across the  Northern Pantanal towards Porto Jofre. We check-in on arrival, settle in quickly for lunch and at 13:00 we depart on our first safari looking for Jaguars in the State Park meeting of waters area. Our half day safari would stretch for roughly 5 hours. Around 18:00, we are back at the lodge for a sumptuous dinner before we retire for the night to be rested and ready for the next 5 days of safaris.

    Hotels: Santa Rosa, Porto Jofre

    Meals: Lunch and Dinner only

  • Day 6-10 – September 21-25, 2024:

    5 full days on Jaguar safari

    Over the next 5 days, we spend all our time on the boat looking for wildlife with a primary focus on Jaguars. A typical day begins at 5:30 am when breakfast is served. Guests wishing not to have breakfast this early will have the option to have a packed box. We depart at 6:00 am towards the State Park meeting of waters roughly 20 minutes away from the Lodge.

    Throughout the day, we explore different river channels and are also connected with other boats on walkie talkie. There are options to stay out the whole day or we return to the lodge at around noon for lunch, rest a bit and return in the late afternoon. But from our previous experiences, most of the Jaguars are active and moving in the heat of the day. At the crack of dawn, we spend another 2 hours on the river before we checkout from Santa Teressa and board our air-conditioned van heading further deep into the Pantanal towards Porto Jofre.

    If we decide to stay out the whole day, the boat is equipped with an icebox filled with water and juices. Beer and soft drinks can be carried at an extra as per each guest’s requirement. The boats also have a canopy that provides good shade during mid day. Packed lunch boxes are also carried. At 18:00, all boats are heading back to Porto Jofre. Dinner and overnight at Santa Rosa.

    Hotels: Santa Rosa, Porto Jofre

    Meals: All Meals

  • Day 11 – September 26, 2024:

    Last Boat safari and transfer to Santa Teresa Ranch

    This morning, we head out to the State Park on our last boat safari. Return to the lodge around 11:00. Post checkout, have lunch and depart for our next destination. Starting from KM 147, we drive towards KM 62. This is the Santa Teressa Ranch where the South Wild Pantanal Lodge is located. We spend the afternoon on a boat trip with possible chances of seeing Tapirs. As the light drops, we then move to a hide that is purpose built to watch Ocelots. The chances of seeing one are as high as 60% meaning the cats appear there around 3-4 times a week.

    Hotels: South Wild Pantanal Lodge, Santa Teresa

    Meals: All Meals

  • Day 12 – Sep 27, 2024:

    Full day at Santa Teresa Ranch

    We spend the whole day on the ranch with 2 boat safaris followed by an evening session with the Ocelot.

    Hotels: South Wild Pantanal Lodge, Santa Teresa

    Meals: All Meals

  • Day 13 – September 28, 2024:

    Transfer to Cuiaba

    Following a final morning safari, we transfer back to Cuiaba in time for the flight back to Sao Paulo or your onward destination. Domestic Flight not included.

    Hotels: South Wild Pantanal Lodge, Santa Teresa

    Meals: All Meals


September 1, 2024



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September 16, 2024



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Cost of Tour: $6,000 per person on double occupancy

Single Supplement: $1,000



  • Accommodation for 12 nights and 13 days with meals as mentioned above
  • Sinkhole visit
  • Safaris in Aguape
  • Boat safaris and Ocelot Hide visit at Santa Teressa
  • Boat safaris in Porto Jofre
  • Local Transfers



  • Domestic and International Flights
  • Brazil Visa
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination
  • Tips and Gratuties
  • Drinks and Beverages
  • Snorkelling Tour in Rio de Prata
  • 5% GST and 20% TCS for Indian Nationals
  • Anything else not mentioned under inclusions


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