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Pumas of Patagonia




Capture Pumas in stunning Patagonian landscapes.

Immerse yourself photographing majestic cats on foot.

Explore Torres del Paine on this thrilling wildlife safari.

Create iconic images of Pumas in their habitat.

Expert-led tour for exceptional wildlife photography.

Witness the raw beauty of Patagonia’s iconic predators.

Unforgettable encounters with elusive Patagonian Pumas


Pumas of Patagonia


Embark on a captivating adventure within a beautiful private ranch adjoining the Torres del Paine National Park in Southern Chile, delving into the heart of Patagonia’s wilderness on a specialized photo tour dedicated to capturing the enigmatic Pumas. This unique experience immerses participants in the thrill of photographing these elusive big cats while navigating the terrain on foot. The tour offers unparalleled opportunities to witness and document the graceful Pumas in their natural habitat, led by experienced guides well-versed in their behaviour and habitat.


Amidst the rugged landscape, adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts can get up close and personal with these majestic predators, framing their shots against the stunning backdrop of Patagonia’s dramatic vistas. Balancing the excitement of an expedition with the artistry of wildlife photography, this tour allows for intimate encounters with Pumas, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for their beauty and the intricate harmony of the natural world. It’s a journey that promises both adrenaline-pumping moments and serene contemplation, capturing the essence of these remarkable creatures in their untamed domain.


Our tour takes place in a private ranch adjacent to Torres del Paine National Park. Here, we enjoy the unique advantage of exploring off-road, allowing us to track Pumas on foot. This exclusive access offers unparalleled opportunities for an intimate encounter with these majestic creatures as they navigate their natural habitat. With Pumas freely roaming the area, we’re presented with abundant chances to photograph them amidst the breathtaking landscapes, capturing their graceful presence in this pristine setting.


  • Day 1 - Oct 7, 2024

    Arrival in Punta Arenas

    Today is dedicated to arrivals in Punta Arenas. Following the extensive journey to the southern tip of Chile, relax at a charming hotel in downtown Punta Arenas. Take this time to rejuvenate before the upcoming days of tracking Pumas in the wilderness of Patagonia.
    No Meals included
  • Day 2 - Oct 8, 2024

    Transfer to Torres del Paine

    Today, we begin a scenic 5-hour overland journey through the mesmerizing Patagonian terrain from Punta Arenas to Torres del Paine National Park. Upon arrival, we check into our hotel and unwind for the day.

    Later in the evening, meet for dinner along with our Puma trackers and discuss the plans for the upcoming days ahead.

    Breakfast and Dinner included

  • Day 3-6 - Oct 9-12, 2024

    Full days of tracking Pumas

    Our day’s schedule remains flexible. Each day, we start from our hotel before sunrise and drive towards the private ranch adjoining Torres del Paine. Our Puma trackers would scan from various vantage points to look for cats. Packed breakfast is carried and we will enjoy our first meal of the day with a surreal view of the park.

    We stay out until mid day and return to the lodge for some well deserved rest and a short siesta. Following lunch, we drive back to the ranch and spend the afternoon looking for Pumas and other wildlife. As the sun sets behind the towers of Paine, we call it a day and get back to our cozy rooms.

    All meals included

  • Day 7 - Oct 13, 2024

    Transfer to Punta Arenas

    Today we depart from our lodge after breakfast and drive back towards Punta Arenas. The day is at leisure to rest and relax.

    Breakfast only

  • Day 8 - Oct 14, 2024


    Depending on your departure flights, guests can checkout and transfer to the airport for your flights back home.

    Breakfast only


October 7, 2024

$6495 + 5% GST


4 spots available


Gaurav Ramnarayanan

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  • One pre tour and one post tour night in Punta Arenas on bed and breakfast
  • 5 nights near Torres del Paine with all meals
  • Private Transfers – Punta Arenas – Torres del Paine – Punta Arenas
  • 4 days of Puma Tracking in a private ranch
  • Puma guides and trackers


  • Flights from your home to Punta Arenas
  • Alcohol and Drinks
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • GST and TCS as applicable
  • Any other services, transfers, meals or accommodation not mentioned above


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